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Contributing Partners

FreedOm Foundation Providing Yoga to Veterans and Active Duty Military
Mission Om Yoga for Veterans
Veterans Alternative Yoga Program for Veterans
Duskin and Stephens Foundation providing support and yoga for veterans
Yoga for Veterans from the Exalted Warrior Foundation

Your Mission is on Your Mat

Intensity becomes focus. Focus becomes peace. 

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have already been making a huge difference in the lives of veterans. Your partcipation in this program has the potential to make profound improvements, not only in your own life, but also in the lives of other veterans, as well as active duty personnel. 

Our goal is to offer free access for veterans to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes through Yoga for Men's Prospective Cohort Study of Yoga and Mindfulness for Psychological and Physical Wellness, which is being conducted in conjunction with the University of South Florida College of Public Health. Note that this program is open to men and women from all branches of service and is not limited by nationality or country of service.

Brian Anderson of  Veterans Alternative talks about the benefits of yoga for veterans. 

The Study

Help yourself, your community, and your fellow veterans by taking advantage of this ancient practice with a modern approach.

The Program

You get free access to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes crafted especially for veterans and active duty personnel, and you'll have complete access to Yoga for Men's on-line library of yoga classes, as well as extras, such as tai chi, educational material, and more. 

The Benefits

We already know that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness is helpful to veterans. Now let's help get it to them for free. Your participation in the study may help make yoga, meditation, and mindfulness available to a large number of veterans.

The Study

The University of South Florida College of Public Health will ask for your consent, then ask you some preliminary eligibility questions, and then you'll simply answer some questions about once every three months for a year.

The Instructors

Our Instructors are the best there are. We've got names you know, and names you'll come to love. We've recruited teachers from a variety of existing programs that specialize in yoga for veterans, and we're adding more all the time.


Some questions and answers about Yoga for Men's Prospective Cohort Study of Yoga and Mindfulness for Psychological and Physical Wellness

[fa icon="plus"] How do I participate
Start by filling out the form at the top of this page. We'll be in touch when the study opens.
[fa icon="plus"] What if I'm not eligible for the study?
If it turns out that you aren't eligible, you can get on a waiting list for free access to our program, or you can just purchase it at
[fa icon="plus"] Who is conducting the study?
The yoga/meditation/mindfulness program is provided by Yoga for Men, and the study itself is run by The University of South Florida College of Public Health
[fa icon="plus"] What do I have to do if I'm in the study?
If you are eligible for the study, you'll take 2 yoga classes and do 2 meditations per week, plus whatever else you choose, then you'll answer questions about your experience through our encrypted system a few times per year for the USF researchers.
[fa icon="plus"] Can I access your Yoga for Veterans program without being part of the study?
Yes, simply visit
[fa icon="plus"] Is this study just for men?
No, this study is open veterans and active duty personnel, regardless of gender, and the classes are suitable for men and women.
[fa icon="plus"] Who can participate in this study?
This study is open to both veterans and active duty personnel and is open to such participants from any country. Eligibility for the study is determined by the study protocol, developed by the USF College of Public Health
[fa icon="plus"] Will my information remain private?
When you sign up on this form, your name, email, and phone number goes to Yoga for Men, who administers the program.  When you answer personal questions related to the study, your information will be sent directly to the researchers at USF in a highly-encrypted format.

You are making a difference.

Thank you for being a part of this groundbreaking initiative and for sharing this page, http://yoga.vets, with anyone you know who might benefit by access to the program. Your participation is already helping your fellow veterans and requires no monetary donation for eligible study participants. If you know anyone who might be able and willing to support this program with a tax-deductible contribution, please direct them to